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Wine Cheers
Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves on friendly and professional staff, fabulous food and enjoyable experience

I really have to give it to all of the staff here... 
I've been to quite a few places in MA, RI and Las Vegas, none have been as nice as this. 
One of the cleanest, if not the cleanest places I've been. I have had dinner and snacks there many times and enjoy the company of the staff and dancers. 
I feel welcome and never uncomfortable while there. 
To start with, the food; When I first came here, I loved the pizza and buffet on Sundays. I don't know what happened, but the pizza isn't as good as it once was. Everything else is still very good. 
Service is great. Servers are attentive and friendly.  I have yet to have a bad night, even on a busy night.  
The staff is polite and watchful for trouble, not that there is much trouble, I haven't seen anyone get out of line yet...
Overall, it's the best place in MA as far as I've found yet. Can't wait to go back.
Mark B.

My husband and I found Mario's online and wanted to visit as it was close to us. We had only been to one other gentleman's club, and we were SO impressed with Mario's! It was easy to find and park, and getting in was easy & simple. It's a smaller place, but it makes it feel like you have an easier time connecting to the entertainment. The girls were all very beautiful, and we got a lot of attention as a couple. They were attentive, nice, and all of them were ridiculously impressive with their dancing and pole skills. The bartenders were also very kind, and I didn't feel like I was paid less attention to than other people who were ordering alcohol (husband and I don't drink). The seating is comfortable and convenient for being near the dancers. I loved the music they played as well!

We got a dance, at a very reasonable price. The dance room was comfortable, clean, and we left SUPER happy and excited about our experience. I will absolutely be visiting again with my husband!!


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